Service Poles

Service Poles offer strength and stability for many uses.

Service & power poles make strong, dependable supports for fences, barns, storage areas, and other services you need to run to your property. At Private Power Services, we have years’ experience setting service poles under a variety of conditions and terrains, for any variety of purposes. We treat your property as our own, with careful digging and back-filling to ensure stability as well as creating a good landscape.

  • Private Landowners
  • Trailer Parks
  • Campgrounds
  • Fencing & Building Supports

We always offer FREE estimates, and can advise you on the layout and site plan for your service pole project. Contact Us today!

Clearing the way for new service pole installation.

We want any pole or power line installation to be secure and last for many years. We always trim surrounding trees and shrubs, and clear away any trees and shrubbery as necessary.

Whatever your needs, contact Private Power Services for the highest quality service.

service poles