Winter Storms Take a Toll on Maine Golf Courses

Over the past few years, Private Power Services has been a steadfast partner for local golf courses in Maine, tackling repairs from severe winter storms and fierce winds. This spring posed a particularly daunting challenge with consecutive storms wreaking havoc on poles, netting, and grounds alike. Owner Hector Picard, known for his innovative solutions, took this opportunity to devise a preventative approach that would not only mitigate damages but also reduce recurring costs.

Collaborating closely with customers, vendors, and his team, Hector conceived a novel netting pulley system supported by sturdy steel poles. This ingenious design allows golf courses to proactively lower and secure netting ahead of storms, shielding it from potential damage, and swiftly raise it back into position once conditions clear. It was a departure from their usual line of work, but one that Private Power Services embraced wholeheartedly.

Today, with the project successfully implemented and operating seamlessly, another satisfied customer joins their ranks. For golf course owners and members seeking to safeguard against costly repairs and minimize downtime, Private Power Services offers a proven solution. Contact them at 207-468-8459 or visit to learn more about this innovative approach and see the project in action on their Facebook page.