Tree Trimming & Removal

Clearing the way for new service pole installation.

We want any pole or power line installation to be secure and last for many years. We always trim surrounding trees and shrubs, and clear away any trees and shrubbery as necessary. Our equipment allows us to access high tree tops so we can drop full trees safely, and our chipper lets us dispose or recycle wood waste into chips. We believe pole and line installation should be full service – including clearing the landscape for the installation and cleaning up debris when we are done.

  • Dropping Trees
  • Removing Shrubbery
  • Limb Trimming
  • Line Installation Terrain Clearing

Keep your utility lines clear and safe with tree trimming.

One of the most common sources of lost power and utility services is falling tree limbs. Overgrowth around your power lines is very dangerous and causes damage that can be avoided with regular tree trimming. Contact Private Power Services to keep your lines clear and safe – our equipment can get in the tightest of spaces, and remove all the limbs and debris for a tidy cleanup!

Whatever your needs, contact Private Power Services for the highest quality service.